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If you live in North Carolina and have determined that your marriage cannot be salvaged and that you must file for divorce, you want an experienced attorney to help you through the process. North Carolina's laws governing divorce are different from most other states. A knowledgeable lawyer will help you understand your options, so that you make choices that are in the best interests of you and your family.

At the McGrann Law Firm, in Raleigh, North Carolina, we handle all matters related to or arising out of separation or divorce for men and women throughout Wake County. We measure our success by your success. We understand that each legal situation is unique and we take the time to listen carefully, so that we can craft personalized solutions that meet your needs. Contact our office to arrange a confidential consultation to discuss your legal needs.

Unlike most other states, North Carolina requires that you be separated from your spouse for one year before you can file for divorce. During this period of separation, most issues involving custody, support, alimony, and property distribution are often resolved. You want an experienced attorney to make certain that you follow appropriate procedures and make informed decisions during this period of separation, so that the orders governing custody and visitation, child support, alimony and property distribution are consistent with your goals.

At the McGrann Law Firm, we have extensive knowledge of the laws governing separation and divorce. We will help you prepare a separation agreement that considers the needs of your children and protects your rights as a parent.

We also handle all filings and hearings to finalize your divorce, as well as any post-judgment requests to modify or enforce orders governing custody, visitation or support.

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