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If you are like most parents, when you divorce, your first priority is the welfare of your children. When it comes to child support, you want to make certain that their needs are met. Whether you are the custodial or the non-custodial parent, you also want to make certain that both parties are contributing their fair share. When disputes arise, you need an experienced lawyer to protect your interests.

At the McGrann Law Firm, in Raleigh, North Carolina, we all matters related to or involving child support for men and women throughout Wake County. We measure our success by your success. We understand that each legal situation is unique and we take the time to listen carefully, so that we can craft personalized solutions that meet your needs. Contact our office to arrange a confidential consultation to discuss your legal needs.

In North Carolina, as in most states, child support is calculated by applying a formula found in the state child support guidelines. The formula takes into account the income of both parties and factors in costs of day care, health insurance and other unique needs.

First and foremost, we will review any proposed child support orders to verify that they are in compliance with North Carolina guidelines and that they properly consider all relevant income, including seasonal income, business revenue, and commissions. If there are special situations involving your children that are not accounted for by the North Carolina child support guidelines, we will file motions on your behalf, requesting that the court deviate from the guidelines to protect the best interests of your children.

Often, where there are blended families or multiple children being supported by a single parent, the child support guidelines may not produce the most equitable results. We will take the necessary action to protect your children while safeguarding your rights. We will also represent you in enforcement or modification proceedings regarding your child support order.

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